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here and” Welcome to… easycashsystemsonline

On this Site we are looking for investors to join us, investors who have the desire to ‘Work from Home’ or ‘Make Money Online’ or ‘Earn Cash Online’ or make money to ‘Get out of Debt’ or ‘Fund their Retirement’ or ‘Fund their Education’ or ‘Buy a Home’ or any other dream they might have. 

We only want people who realise that nothing worthwhile comes easy as this site at first suggests, and they must realise that they will have to put in many hours and a lot of effort to have any chance of achieving their dreams. 

If this wasn’t the case, everybody would be rich!

The First easycashsystemsonline System I want to share with you is in the top echelon of online services that will give anybody who wants it, a complete education in understanding the Internet and Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing and the complexities of it all! And in general, what it takes to run and succeed at running a successful business online. You can join up for Free and become an associate member with restricted privileges and upgrade if you decide this is for you. This is a paid monthly service and costs $99 US per month for the start-up Silver membership which gives you full privileges. 

May not be for everybody” But if you are keen to learn the complexities of internet marketing and affiliate marketing, it’s worth it! 

Please Note:

All the information on this site is ‘Free’ but is hard earned, so please pay me the courtesy of using the Links I provide. 

Thank You!


When you click on any one of my links, you will be taken to a ‘Capture Page’ 

If for any reason you do not feel comfortable leaving your Login Details with me, then… Please Don’t.

 is the site in question mentioned above…

I have a blog on ‘Health’ on the site above” To view my Blog and find out what it really is about the, always mysterious reasons we keep hearing about that make us sick and cause Health Problems and ‘Weight Problems’ and ‘Cancer’ etc” To find out how we debunked “The Mysterious Part” Go here>>> 

Your Partner in Success and Health

Ronald F Jeffery

Marketing Plans


n by selecting the easy to follow steps provided on this site.


As you will know by now, my name is Ron Jeffery and I welcome you to the next chapter of this site.

EasyCashSystemsOnline is for those who dream about ‘Getting Filthy Rich’ or ‘Making Money Online’ or ‘Paying Off Debt’ or ‘Getting a Life’ or whatever else it is your heart desires, can be achieved here!

Here is an in-site into how to get in on the ground floor of the revolution of online Self-Funding programs!

My Link is to what I consider to be the site at the top of the Crowd Funding, or more to the point here, the Self-Funding tree. 

But the words Crowd Funding here are a bit misleading because this is really ‘Peer to Peer Funding’ where you ‘The Giver’ receives the same amount of funding as ‘The Receiver’ gets! That is what Peer to Peer funding means here and there is no affiliate systems or list building or any of that stuff involved!

In the Traditional GoFundme schemes, the ‘Receiver’ gets all the money and all the ‘Giver’ gets, is a fuzzy feeling that they have helped someone a tad!

This is different:

The cost to start here is a poultry $250 US Dollars to fund 2 people and if you’re able to sign up just 2 people yourself and get them to do the same, your journey from then on becomes ‘Free’! Free, that magic word ‘Free’! The highest amount you will have to pay to give you a realistic shot at becoming a millionaire, is $4000.00 US Dollars and you could even do that by using money you make along the way, so it won’t really cost you anything.

Anyway? Where else can you get a realistic shot at becoming a millionaire for such a piddling amount of money?

Try setting up a Bricks and Mortar business and you would be looking at, at least 50 Grand and you would have to work your butt off for probably 12 – 14 hours a day and you would have to keep paying exorbitant rent every week and still not have any guarantee of even making a living. Then after working your butt off for years and years you could even have the privilege in the end of going broke. Been there, done all that!!!

Here is my Link to start the process of joining this exciting adventure with me with the very real possibility of becoming a millionaire.

When you eventually get to my site and watch the video” Click on ‘JOIN US’ to join us!

You can check it out and see what you think Here >>> 


Here is another one that you just may be interested in!


Question… Whose got 20 cents laying around doing nothing! Would You Like to Join Me Here and put that 20 cents to work   and turn it into a million dollars and more likely than not,   very much more? 

@ .20 cents, what have you got to Lose…     With this” DOUBLE UP OPPORTUNITY! Where” Anyone Can Turn 20cents into a Fortune!

All You Have to Do Is Join Me, Pay .20c and…  Sign Up just 2 People.

This is a 2x2 follow me matrix!  

What makes us different is that we will

have as many as 90 Matrix Positions per

month. When filled each will then cycle

over and over and over and over and over.

Recommended Procedures:

Watch Webinar below…

Once Signed Up” Deposit Some Money ($10 to $20 will do). 

Then use that to Purchase up to 3 X 20 cent Positions per day!

Watch Daily Freedom Challenge Webinar below…


Join Facebook Group”

Only after You’ve Registered & Paid Your .20c.

For Daily Freedom Challenge:

Called… Opportunity Knocks' - Daily Freedom Challenge!

When you are a Pro Member you can get up dates from Facebook at…

Register, Pay Your .20c Here, Get Started and Procrastinate Later: 

OR… Go to my Website below to Register, pay your 20 cents and get started and then Sign up just 2 people and be on your way to Financial Freedom.

Thanks for Your Time   Your Partner in Success 

Ron Jeffery

Where you can also learn how to avoid a minefield of Health Problems and Cancers! None of which, because of the blatant corruption in Governments and science and medicine and the media, you will never be able to find out the truth about any of this, anywhere else on” This Planet! But Here!



Cents For Freedom

Opening Soon” Only Days to Go Now!

Don’t Miss Out… Get In Early – Get In Now!

This is going to be BIG!

Avoid Disappointment

See What It’s All About @…


ALSO…   Check this site out if you're really serious about reaching for the stars!... All these ‘Fund Your Life Programs’ are virtually risk free and you don’t need a List or an Auto Responder or understand SEO or any of that mind-numbing stuff to make money online and become financially free. 

A little bit of effort now in the beginning will pay big dividends in the long run if you keep at it!

In anticipation of seeing you on the inside!

Kindest Regards

Your Partner in Success

Ronald F Jeffery


Marketing Push


There will come a time in your business or personal promotion when you need some additional help with marketing. In this section you are given more system choices and plenty of resources to give you a very good chance of reaching your goal of being able to "Work From Home"


More Easy Cash Systems Online

  Here you have 

Next to Nothing to Lose & Everything to Gain. 

Called... The Double Up Opportunity!

Turn just 20cents into a Fortune in 30 days!

This is a 2x2 follow me matrix. 

What makes us different is that we will

have as many as say 90 Matrix Positions per

month. When filled each will cycle

over and over and over and over.

This is how this works all for only

.20 cents each.

Recommended Procedures:

Watch Webinar below…

Deposit Some Money once Signed Up 

Then Purchase 3 - 20cent Positions per day!

Watch Daily Freedom Challenge Webinar…

Go to Website to Sign Up…


Join Facebook Group”

Only after you have Signed Up.

For Daily Freedom Challenge:

Called… Opportunity Knocks' - Daily Freedom Challenge!

So, you can get up dates.

Your Partner in Success

Ron Jeffery


   Cents For Freedom

Opening Soon” Only Days to Go Now!

Don’t Miss Out… Get In Early – Get In Now!

This is going to be BIG!

Avoid Disappointment

See What It’s All About @…

More Sites you can check out 

Link (1) 


Link (2) 


Link (3)


One of the things I admire about the owners of these sites above is that the owners have a genuine desire to help their members achieve success with their programs. 

I joined all 3 of these programs because I love programs that can provide instant commissions, where you don't have to wait weeks or months to receive commissions. I also love how affordable these programs are and I know it to be a fact, that most people do not like paying monthly subscriptions! Especially if they have a hard time recruiting people in the first place, another reason is Traffic. 

All Internet Marketers are in desperate need of good targeted traffic and with EC4Ads and ‘FunMouse’ and ‘EasyCash4Ads’ you get good traffic that never ends. That alone is worth so much more than the cost of these programs, and finally the member support is second to none.


About Resources and Routine

Grab interest



Wake up. Brew a pot of coffee and fire up your computer. 

Generate excitement



Check your emails. If you get any signups and sales, shoot off a quick message thanking them and offer them any assistance you can. 

Close the deal



Go to ​ Add your links for EasyCash4Ads and Fun Mouse and Easy Cash 4 Ads etc. Surf this exchange for 30 minutes. 

Go to ​http://EasyHits4U​.com  Add your links and add some credits. Surf this exchange for 30 minutes. 

Go to http://​ This will show your links on over 540 Traffic Exchanges without having to do any surfing on your part. Buy some credits and enter your links to be shown. 

Go to ​ The coop will show your links on over 5100Traffic Exchanges without any surfing. I recommend upgrading and buying credits regularly. This is massive exposure.

Ok, your Traffic Exchange advertising is concluded and now we move to ‘Solo’ email services: 

Sending solo emails is a most effective way to get signups and sales for EasyCash4Ads and FunMouse and SoManyHits and whatever else you would like to promote.

It is important to change your links using different pages and to write your own ad copy and make it short and sweet. Writing from your heart and experience will show readers your honesty and passion about the program and will get you better results. It takes time to learn how to write effective ads but as you continue with the program you will get the knack of it and get better and better as you gain more confidence. Here is one of the best sites you can go to if you want results, but you must be willing to pay! 

As far as I am concerned ‘Free stuff’ usually gets you no-where fast! 


Sign Up with "Udimi" a paid no-nonsense Advertising Site”

Watch this” How to Buy Solo Ads with Udimi - Video:

Here you can find vendors that will send your ad to their own lists. You can shop around for low cost-effective vendors who get good ratings. 100clickpurchases range from .35 to .45 cents per click. You should get 30 to 60% opt in rates on your capture pages and hopefully a few sales also with each solo. 

You can also go to…  

Here you can purchase solo ads where you get guaranteed clicks to your ads. 

Go to ​http://www.GiganticSolos​.com Buy and send out your solos for guaranteed clicks. 

Go to ​ Buy and send out your solos for guaranteed clicks. 

Go to Using this daily can bring great benefits. You can also add your banners and text ads which are shown on all the emails that go out. 

Other resources to use on a regular basis utilizing banners, text ads and solo emails: Your Text Ads on a Network of over 600,000 - No return emails - No return emails​ - Extreme Advertising from a Trusted owner - No return emails - Text, Banners and solo emails

EasyCash4Ads and ‘FunMouse’ and ‘EasyCash4Ads’ can be game changers in terms of income and traffic for anyone who cares to put in a bit of consistent effort and time. If you ignore all this advice, then don’t blame anyone else if nothing you try ever pays off.  

Count yourself very fortunate that you have found these programs and that you have the chance of getting in early. It’s not if, but when these programs go viral that you will kick yourself for not having got in early. Just make sure you don't pass up this opportunity to advertise anywhere you can. A banner, a text or a solo email can make a big difference. 


Never, Never Quit!

Capture Pages: 

Go to for my recommended Capture Page site, you’ll love it, and make sure you tell them that Ron Jeffery sent you 0439458570 Email Cost $19 month but if you are able to get a few people to join it with you it becomes free!  

You can get oodles of paid sign ups on your own just by using Email Marketing like Solo Ads, Safelist Ads, List Builders etc. It's a very simple process, you copy/paste the Solo Ad copy available to you, with your full name, email address and Lead Capture Page link, and send it out to Solo Ad resources like:

If you don't have money to invest, you can earn credits by reading SOLO ADS from safelists, I do it myself, I read only SOLO ADS because they give me higher credits with less work, they send you SOLO ADS to your contact email address instead for your List Email address. 

For this reason, it is important to open two extra Google Gmail accounts, one to use as a contact email address and the other for safelist emails. Use Gmail accounts for better Email delivery to your inbox. Still always check your All Mail and Spam folders to make sure you don’t miss anything.

If you need more Safelists Resources or Traffic Exchanges, here you can find many

The List Builders 

Pay a lifetime or annual fee and get multiple mailings to thousands of highly qualified prospects every week. 

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - ONLY join them if you are going to take the OTO (One Time Offer) up NOT join as a free member. They're a total waste of time to join as a free member. If the fees are too much...just wait until later to join it when you can afford to upgrade.

Join as many of these lists as your budget allows and send out as often as you can to them. Some are every 24-48 hours, but most are every 72 hours. You need to stay organized here, I send out my Solo Ad in all my List Builders in the same day to make things easier. 

YOU choose the day and time you want to send emails out. The key to this is consistency. You can’t expect miracles by doing it once and then forgetting to do it again until or whenever you feel like it. 

Without further ado... Here are the lists... Go out and have MASSIVE SUCCESS!  

FACT: Email marketing is *STILL* the single FASTEST way to build an online business. If you do not have an auto-responder account yet to build your list, go too… ​​ 

You might be thinking: "That's just great for YOU because you have a huge list of subscribers... Wrong! I'm building my businesses by promoting to OTHER PEOPLE'S LISTS. They've been growing the tree... Now YOU can pick the fruit! 

Again, the key is to create an offer that is irresistible. Put yourself in the mind of your prospect, think about what resources you have and write an offer that is impossible to refuse. 

Now get to work... 

Your fortune awaits! 

To YOUR Ultimate Success


Now it’s up to you!

Your Partner in Success

Ronald F Jeffery